UADA will be retraversing the void this summer and fall in North America, together with Ghost Bath and CLOAK.

Tickets and more info are available from the tour section of the website.

VIII 30  – Denver CO – Roxy Theatre
VIII 31 – Salt Lake City UT – Urban Lounge
IX 01 – Boise ID – The Shredder
IX 02 – Portland OR – The Crystal Ballroom
IX 03 – Vancouver BC – Rickshaw Theatre
IX 05 – Calgary AB – Dickens
IX 06 – Edmonton AB – Starlite Room
IX 07 – Saskatoon SK – Coors Event Center
IX 08 – Winnipeg MB – The Good Will
IX 09 – Minneapolis MN – Studio B at Skyway Theatre
IX 10 – Milwaukee WI – X-Ray
IX 11 – Columbus OH – Ace of Cups
IX 12 – Pittsburgh PA – Preserving Underground
IX 13 –  Toronto ON – Lee’s Palace
IX 14 – Ottawa ON – Brass Monkey
IX 15 –  Quebec City QC –  La Source De La Martiniere 
IX 16 –  Montreal QC –  Petit Campus
IX 17 –  Brooklyn NY – The Meadows
IX 18 –  Philadelphia PA – Milkboy
IX 19 –  Baltimore MD – Metro Gallery
IX 20 –  Raleigh NC – The Pour House
IX 21 –  Atlanta GA – Masquerade
IX 22 –  New Orleans LA – Gasa Gasa
IX 23 –  Houston TX – Secret Room
IX 25 –  Austin TX – Come And Take It Live
IX 26 –  El Paso TX – Rockhouse
IX 27 –  Albuquerque NM – The El Rey Theatre 
IX 28 –  Phoenix AZ – Pub Rock Live
IX 29 –  Las Vegas NV – Dive Bar
IX 30 – San Diego CA – Brick By Brick
X 01 – North Hollywood CA – The Knitting Factory

Artwork by Extinct Sacrif 


We are honored to share with you a lyric video for our first single “RETRAVERSING THE VOID” from our upcoming fourth dimension (album) “CREPUSCULE NATURA”, out via Eisenwald and Obsidian Spells on September 8th, 2023.

“Ever since the cloaked Pacific Northwest band appeared on the music radar, UADA has always been electrified by both polar worlds. Their echelon was stark and meaningful. Within the stretch of 3 albums as well as dense and triumphant live shows across the globe, they have not only spiked the map of extreme metal music, but their unrelenting touring schedule an unbridled will to push forward into new horizons has also earned them a reception in all the extremes imaginable, be it worship or spite.

5 sonic vessels form the nucleus of ‘Crepuscule Natura’, and within it’s 41 minutes, the record easily creates a sonic and aesthetic bridge between the band`s debut, ‘Devoid of Light’ (2016), and their sophomore effort
‘Cult of a Dying Sun’ (2018), only to forge onward upon the relentless path set forth with ‘Djinn’ (2020). Here, a more refined and muscular, yet no less melodic stronghold awaits. On ‘Crepuscule Natura’, UADA provides all their memorable hooks, tasteful leads, and riding blasts in their distinct style, balancing their epic surging melodies with powerful spurts of aggression. Just like the band’s smoke-heavy shows, the momentum and emphasis of their craft always stays grandiose, mythical, and triumphant – all the while making sure to birth a couple of new fan favorites and soon-to-be staple live songs.

‘Crepuscule Natura’, once again graced by the artwork of legendary Kris Verwimp and photography by Peter Beste, shows UADA on fire to unleash the marrow of black heavy metal.”

01. The Abyss Gazing Back (7:50)
02. Crepuscule Natura (6:38)
03. The Dark (Winter) (7:31)
04. Retraversing the Void (7:44)
05. Through the Wax and Through the Wane (12:03)

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Since their formation in 2014, Uada's rise has been meteoric. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the band quietly released their debut album, Devoid of Light in 2016 through and word of mouth quickly built from there: here was BLACK METAL writ large, classic and uncompromising but brimming with power, soul, and artistry, and all without bluster and bathos. Uada's debut album surely expanded the lexicon of the melodic black metal idiom, and the underground took notice.

Two years later came Cult of a Dying Sun, whereby the band further perfected their craft and compellingly took to the stage, their performances garnering as much acclaim as their recordings. During all this, more than the underground started to take notice; the name Uada was on the tongues of folks usually reticent to black metal.

In 2020, almost effortlessly, Uada fully perfect their craft and delivered Djinn. Simply titled but by no means simple in construction nor execution, Djinn builds upon the increasingly ambitious songwriting of its no-less-considerable predecessor, but pushes their dazzling artistry into nearly Technicolor landscapes of the Beyond.

Featured in:

the 50 best American metal bands from the past decade by KERRANG!

100 Best Albums of the the last decade special by DECIBEL MAGAZINE

10 black metal bands from outside Europe every fan should know by THE PIT

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Press feedback:

"worthy of our your undivided attention at worst, and complete worship at best." - DECIBEL (review of 'Djinn', Magazine Cover feature September 2020 issue)

"This album is a triumph of underground culture"
- VIA OMEGA (review of 'Cult of a Dying Sun')

"So good, it could start its very own genre."
- ECHOES & DUST (review of' Devoid of Light')

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